Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Temple Of God, how shall I care for you?

By loving your owner (God), with all my heart, mind & soul.  If I truly love God this way, I shall have to care for you, temple of God:-

  1. With LOVE (If I love your owner, is there any other way to care for His house?).
  2. With RESPECT (If I love your owner, how can I not respect His house?).
  3. By PRESERVING you, (exercise, healthy eating, healthy habits).
  4. By ACCEPTING you,(in whatever form you may be), as a unique gift of God which by the wonderful grace of God lives and remains alive every second, USEFUL to Him .
  5. By CLOTHING  you with :
  • comfortable, neat, appropriate (to environment)  “my personality” attire, not conforming to clothing which society tells me I should cover you with;
  • attire that represents all that your owner is – HOLY, PURE, CONFIDENT, HUMBLE, BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, STABLE, CALM & AT PEACE (we are ambassadors  of the owner!) ;
  • attire that does not draw attention away from that which I am communicating  i.e., away from my face where my eyes are!;
  • attire that does not tempt others  to desire you in a lustful or sinful way;
  • attire that enables you to not only APPEAR professional at work but enables you  to work professionally for your owner – serving employers, employees, clients and others for the glory of your owner, the glory of GOD.

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