Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I picked up an old book in the library, Dr. D Martyn Llyod-Jones’ “From Fear to Faith” It is a small little book, simple yet profound. Dr. D Martyn Llyod-Jones runs through Habakkuk. I enjoyed the book so much; I purchased copies for myself and others. Today, many question the state of morality of our country, the audacity of prominent leaders in acting the way they do, knowing that they are able to get away (from the law) with it.  (What hubris?!) Christians and I am sure people of all other religions pray for a country that is free from corruption, nepotism, discrimination, ( and plain stupidity) to name a few. We pray because we know that ultimately God is in control and because He is in control, all that is bad will fail, will fall, will not be able to stand for long. This is evident not only in the Bible, but in our human history. Still for those of us who still have this question lurking at the back of our minds “God how can you allow the “badness” to continue?” “How long more before you act?” “How can bad prevail?” “From Faith to Fear” provides some answers. We can apply the simple suggested solutions even to questions in respect of our personal matters. 

The suggested solutions in summary
(1)            Think before we react and before we jump to conclusions. It states the obvious but we do tend to  forget this simple principle. In all things in fact, we should think before reacting.
(2)             How are we to think? or how are we to ponder? First we set out the eternal and absolute principles. Principles which are absolutely certain, beyond doubt. I would suggest writing them out and meditating on them. The Bible provides plenty. This will assuage any anxiety and anger or any irrational reactionary emotion.
(3)             Set out the problem in the context of those firm principles.
(4)            If we are still unclear after steps (1) –(3), PRAY and leave the problem with our Lord. Remember He is ALL GOOD, JUST, FAITHFUL to His Covenant, ALMIGHTY, HOLY- ABHORS EVIL.

Martyn Llyod- Jones sums up clearly “Once we have the right method we can apply it to any problem: to God’s strange dealings with a nation, to problems in the world or equally to personal difficulties. Whatever the problem, stop to think, lay down the propositions, bring it into that context and then if still in trouble take it to God and leave it there”

How shall we wait for His answer?
(1)              Detach ourselves from the problem and just wait for His answer expectantly.
(2)          We are not to pray and state that we have left it with Him but the minute we cease praying, we are anxious again. No matter what our views or our thoughts, we can decide to choose to live in faith, cleaving to His immutable, certain principles or withdraw ourselves from them. Live by faith or not. Take the Word of God and live it Or not. 

At the end of the day, we know God’s justice will prevail. Good will happen. We live by faith. Focus on Him. We are to pray, humble ourselves and examine ourselves. Are we closely walking with Him? Perhaps the “badness” is used to teach us or chastise us or humble us. We are to continue to obey Him, to reverence Him, to be in awe of Him (could we just read the Bible or books to admire Him and not to look for “what’s in it for me?”). Imagine if each and every one of our sisters and brothers walked closely with Him, this great Almighty sovereign God who made heaven and earth, we could move mountains- make changes.

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