Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1.     Take INITIATIVE to be a peacemaker – do not ignore, do not pretend conflicts doesn’t exist, do not push away the conflicts, do not fear.
Reference Roman 12: 17-18

2.       TIMING is important – do not procrastinate
How ?
(a)    Choose the right time (both at the best mood) – Never on bedtime for spouse
(b)   Choose right place (relax and quiet place)
(c)    Pray before meeting
(d)   Come with positive attitude (with intention to solve)

3.       CONFESS your mistakes first with HUMILITY (humility will break the log jam)

4.       LISTEN for the hurt (be slow to speak, be quick to listen)
Reference Phil 2: 4-5

5.       Tell the truth TACTFULLY (speak in caring attitude)
Reference Prov 12.18, Eph 4:29

6.       FIX  the PROBLEM, not the BLAME ( no foul words, nasty labeling, insulting, belittling people.)
Reference Col 3:8, Roman 14:13

7.  Focus on RECONCILIATION not RESOLUTION (some issues are not worth to argue over due to unchangeable factors) It is always more rewarding to resolve the conflict than dissolve the relationship.

Remember “ Jesus has come to reconcile us with God” . Make peace with God , feel the love of God and be a peacemaker (Christ like) with people

Reference 1 Timothy 5: For there is one God and one mediator between God and humanity, Christ Jesus

Summary from Rick Warren’s sermon – Resolving Conflicts

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