Monday, January 7, 2013


Some words of encouragements...

First of all, great victories prepare for great testings. The fact that we have had a great victory does not mean we will never be tested again; rather, it means we will be better equipped for the next test. 

Second, the bitter pool was in God's programme. he had a purpose in bringing His people there. It was He who led them there, and this is often true in our lives. The bitter pool is part of God's programme. He has a purpose.

Third, the question is not whether we will experience testing, but only how we will respond to the testing. 

Fourth, in this case at the bitter pool, there were two alternative responses; the people grumbled, Moses prayed. The people who grumbled got nothing; the man who prayed got the answer.

The next principle is: to Moses' prayer of faith. God in turn responded with a new revelation of Himself. That was God's purpose: to bring His people to the place where they could receive the revelation that He had for them. I have summed that up in the little phrase, "Man's disappointments are God's appointments."

Taken from Life's Bitter Pool by Derek Prince, page 19 & 20

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