Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Would Jesus Do?

I hope we all remember this gem of a classic (book)“In His Steps” by Charles M. Sheldon. It is truly inspiring to go back on this old classic and apply its message to our lives. In it are stories of how each individual pledges to ask themselves WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? before making a decision. In case we have forgotten, we should do the same. Get down on our knees and pray “Lord what would You do? What would You have us do? I especially like the list the character, Milton Wright, a businessman sets out. This is what he thinks Jesus would do as a businessman: 

  1. He would engage in the business first of all for the purpose of glorifying God, and not for the primary purpose of making money.
  2. All profit achieved He would not regard as His own, but as trust funds to be used for the good of humanity.
  3. His relationships with all employees would be loving and helpful. He would think of them in the light of souls to be saved. This thought would always be of greater importance than making money.
  4. He would never do a single dishonest or questionable act or try in any way to take advantage of anyone else.
  5. The principle of unselfishness and helpfulness in the business would direct all its details.
  6. Upon these principles He would shape the entire plan of His relationships to His employees, to His customers, and to the general business world with which He was connected.
Too idealistic? For those of us who already live in His Kingdom, we are simply following the practice of His Kingdom that we live in. Let us apply it in our businesses and our work.

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