Monday, January 20, 2014

Giving reflects our heart

Giving reflects our heart

Reading: Ezra 3:1-7
The Israelites had been given gold and silver. They headed back to Jerusalem. What was the first thing that they did? They used their riches to re build the altar. Their treasure was God.  Study our spending, study how we handle our money. It is a reflection of where our treasure lies. Do we put God first in our spending? One of the hardest thing to let go off is our security, our hold to material things. If this can be let go off, other fleshly wants which consciously and unconsciously bring us much trouble and hold us, easily slide off us and will not consume us. Life becomes simpler.

Luke 3:7-14
We are privileged to always have more than we need. We can always live with less. John the Baptist taught tax collectors not to take more than needed. This is to say not to be greedy. Our Lord Yeshua taught us to give our extras (as did John the Baptist). We are taught also to be contented. These are secrets to living simpler

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