Monday, January 20, 2014

Nuggets from Ultimate Intention

De Vern Fromke
“It is so wonderful to get yourself off our own hands and into the hands of God. It is like living in a new world”
If one centers on self nothing will come out right either consciously or sub-consciously

“Destruction and misery are in their ways
It is inherent in self that there is destruction and misery.
It is not “Destruction and misery are as a result  of their ways”

It just is in us. So we should move away from “I” Move away from “what can He do for me? Its all done for me”. Back to Eph 1:3-10
His grand purpose is not redemption from the Fall. The Fall happened and redemption is the means to the grand purpose.
What was man created for?
1.       To be adopted as sons and daughters in Christ
2.       To be a holy set apart nation
3.       To be in one family in Christ
4.       To be the praise of His glory

This is His ultimate intention – His grand purpose.

When Christ died for us (forgiveness  and redemption) and then was resurrected (new life) , the race of Adam ended and a new race of new Adam (Christ) was and is born. This new race should no longer live into themselves but unto Him (for Him). This will meet His ultimate intention. (See 2 Cor 5:14-15)

From before the foundation of the earth, God saw man (a) crucified with Christ, (b) buried with Christ (c) raised with Christ (d) positioned with Christ in God in a new heavenly position! (ascended)

He sees it from a high vantage point looking down. He sees the family, sons and daughters. (Eg. Boy on ground watching a parade thru a keyhole can only see one view at that moment. Boy climbs up tree. Now from there he sees people in parade at the front, middle passing by and at the back.)

We are to view our position from this view point and move  to being God centered.  We are not just to know of the effects of His death, burial , resurrection and ascension but still have “I” centeredness. We are to remember His original purpose and current purpose of moving us to that position of being “with Christ in God”. View from His view from that high vantage point. Sons and daughters please your Father. The old self is dead! Treat him as such. Do this for God. Align with His view, mirror Him. Do not see it as all these done for man and stop there. It is for His grand purpose – His Ultimate Intention. Head back to His Ultimate Intention and begin from there. Begin with the motive to meet your Father’s purpose.  

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