Monday, March 10, 2014

6 deeper life things to say or do

Taken from M.Robert Mulholland Jr- The Deeper Journey

1. Centre yourself in God's presence. Acknowledge God as the context of your very being and the content of your living.
Reflect on what we are to do today, who we are to meet, what we will be saying and put God's presence in there. God with us in there.

2. Pray "Stir up in me the desire to be all yours in all things today"

3. "Free me from care for myself" There may be something that we love more than God. Ask God to free us from it. If we are about to do or think something that puts God second, tell yourself to stop and ask God to remind us that He has freed us.

4. Abandon yourself to God. "Lord help us to have You as the sole content of our lives today"

5. Spend time on the Word. Read and meditate. Let His words sink in.

6. Spend time in silence with God. God can be found in the inner silence. God is our true life. We are hid in Him.

No one is ever united in Christ until he is willing to relinquish not only sin but his whole way of looking at things- Oswald Chambers

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