Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are We Operating from False Self?

Are we operating from false self?

1. Playing God is the essence of false self.

2. We are created to be in intimate loving union with God where we will put God as Lord. Playing God i.e., false self is separation from this union.

3. The union will make us like Him. Therefore separation means being UNLIKE Him.

4. When we separate from Him, we start identifying ourselves apart from Him (Being and becoming UNLIKE Him).

5.We start creating something to center our lives around, to identify or define ourselves with eg: our jobs, projects, our spouse, our children, our title, our performance, our hobbies. We "are what we do" This is false self. Self apart from God.

6. We may believe in a God but on our own terms. There is no referencing to Him on everything. We do not seek Him first. This is false self.

7. Take the example of people who built the tower of Babble. They believed God exists but they wanted God on their own terms. The tower was their center. This was their project. They said "let us make a name for ourselves" "Name" describes the essential nature of the thing which is named. They said let us create our own nature - which is to make up of what we deem as essential. And they move away from God to a false self.

8. False self creates our own values, our own identity, our own beliefs (not the identity that mirrors God, not the values of God, not what God wants us to believe) and if others oppose, false self retaliates. Wars begin with the false self.

9. Notice that the first encounters with God always begins with words "Do not be afraid" False self is always fearful. Union with God drives away fear.

10. God's spirit in us when we are in union with Him allows us to call Him "Father" "Abba" with such intimacy. It is the spirit bearing witness that we are God's children. This is opposite from the spirit carried by the false self which is the spirit of fear.

11. The false self knows without union with God, there is no anchor. One just floats about with activities and centers that bear no weight to true self i.e., identity as children of God in union with Him.

12. We sometimes do not realize that we identify ourselves so much with what we do, our position in our job, our own created nature/personality, our children/our role as parent, our business, our status, our money etc that we are lost when these temporal things or persons or roles are lost.

13. The false self who centers around the life apart from God always values estimation of others instead of God hence are always insecure and in fear. True self is always concerned with how God estimates him.

14. False self creates a network of friends and relationships to call on when lonely, when help is needed. The false self needs these to hang on to. False self also protects itself by gathering as much information and acquiring knowledge or acquiring wealth to remain in control, to justify his world. Acquiring knowledge, wealth, friends are not of itself wrong but when they are the means to not rely on God, they are destructive.

15. When we identify ourselves with a certain lifestyle, with money- having enough is NEVER ENOUGH. The false self is never satisfied and always empty. The new brand is a must have, the new phone is a must have.. what is next?

16. Things which false selves value eg money, appearance are also means of manipulation. Eg. money to get others to view them favourably. When others fail to be manipulated, strife, enmity, anger, envy, despair arise. We become destructive to ourselves and others. Solace may then be sought from drugs, drink, promiscuity and more.  The false selves also largely view others from the perspective of how the other may provide for the false selves or be useful to the false selves.

17. A false self may do God's work but for the appraisal of men. It is seeking promotion of self.

18. A false self blames others to protect itself.

19. A false self is self indulgent not "God-indulgent". Only God can ultimately satisfy us. The self indulgent false self finds itself moving from one thing to another to gratify need for own pleasure. The self indulgent is in bondage. Symptoms: new activities, new projects, new partners. These are just to plug the holes, to deal with the symptoms. But the root problem which is being away from God is not dealt with.

20. We are made to be in union with Him. It is a wonderful walk. Why run away from it?

Points from The Deeper Journey- Robert Mulholland Jr

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