Monday, July 29, 2013

Nothing is beyond God’s Control

Matthew 11: 29-30
“All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light”

Every day we are dealing with people and making daily decisions in our “instant” world society whether in our work, business, relationships, family or even in the church. Sometimes, we tend to forget our identity in Christ due to constant pressure and influence from the society. We plan our daily checklist or set up a time frame for everything including our leisure activities. Why? Because we do not want to lose out in the worldly race and compete with other people’s achievements. “What have you achieved lately? Or simply, we do everything whichever we can to gain society’s acknowledgement? It is not wrong to have our ambitions and goals in our life. God did not ask us to be slacking with our time or throw our dreams away and just wait on God to give us blessings. But we do need to understand that our talents, gifts and blessing (material possession or spiritual) are from God’s grace and mercy. When our plan does not go smoothly according to our will, we start the blame game and get frustrated. Then we became own “god” to try to solve problem when we are in the midst of confusion and frustration. We became impatient and forget to lean on God for support and guidance.  
Joyce Meyer’s sermon “Nothing is beyond God’s control” is quite relevant to our daily lives. Our God, whom is our Father of all nation, be it Western continental or Asian or Jew or Gentiles. The word All refers to us who is believers of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I am amazed at the omniscience of God who knows everything before us. God is not surprised by the things we do because of His foreknowledge. God already has the problem solved before we even come into the problem. However, we all think that we are capable of being independent and try to fix things that can’t be solved at that time.

So what can we do during the hard times?
We pray and ask for God’s mercy and guidance. Engage God in our battle, for he is so much powerful. Just as how David defeated Goliath without heavy armour and sword but just God’s word and stone.

We need to believe and trust on God that he is working on it. We need to learn to step down being our own god and lean on God. Surrender our will.

At the same time, we take this opportunity to exercise our spiritual maturity and our faith.  People will see if we are really living in Christ by example. Having faith with joy even through suffering.

We change our mindset that all things can be solve through God. We can continue to run our work, our business, our family, our daily life in a vacation mindset.
Matthew 19:26 – With men, it is impossible, to God all things are possible.

It may not be easy and takes time for us to keep calm during bad times, but we just need to stretch out our hand to God first. This is our first step of faith to God and we will find rest in Him.

By God's Lover

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