Monday, August 12, 2013

Rebuilding the Lord’s Altar in Malaysia

Remember we do not just spread the gospel of Jesus to increase numbers in our church. Many do not know that Jesus is already king of every part of our society, our government, our country, our world and many of us who do know, do not act as if we know. We do not live EVERY aspect of our lives in the manner that recognises Him as Lord, as King. How then, are we able to reach those that are not aware of His kingship?

To live with Him as King is to first begin to be His disciple. This means to sit at His feet daily. To do all, emulating Him.  When people see us as His disciples, we will be able to lead others into discipleship. (This could mean leading our spouse, our kids, our siblings, our colleagues etc. We need not be leaders in a positional stand at work to be a leader). It would help if we viewed all of society as our church with corruption problems, unbelief problems,  pride problems etc to be solved. Solved by the bowing of every knee to Jesus. It begins from us as individuals.

Let us today make the choice  to say “ I am determined to be His disciple”  then let us not just by words or good intentions actually yield to Him, actually put Him first before all others (This means no cheating company time, even though you can get away with it,  respecting our parents,  loving the unlovable, acting in gentleness and patience, waking up early in the morning to just be with Him, talking to Him at every moment, listening to Him, studying the scriptures He read, studying the scriptures about Him and others) .

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