Monday, August 12, 2013

Experiencing God subjectively

If God wrote in the sky for all to see “ I AM GOD. I EXIST” this would be confirmation to all that He exists! Why does He not just do that?

Assuming that He did one day write these words,  yes, some will be overcome with fear, some with joy, some with hope.  People will know objectively that He exists. But in the long run, it would not make a difference to us if we do not have His presence in our lives, if we do not experience Him subjectively. We want Him in our joys, in our anxieties, in our times of crises. We want Him to speak to us individually.  This is the miracle that we seek for. I imagined a great leader from Planet X writing on a rainbow,  “I am a great leader from Planet X”  Yes, there will be much hullabaloo at the start. Then it would be answered with a “So?” unless the great leader from Planet X has affected in some way the lives of the people. For those of us who know He exists, let us petition to Him to come into our lives, to let us experience Him, His love. Let us acknowledge Him in all aspects of our lives. Let us practice listening to Him, asking Him to speak to us in every choice we make. Let us not be anxious. Let us rests in Him always. All the affirmation in the world  of His existence will not make an iota of difference if we do not experience Him subjectively.

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