Monday, August 19, 2013

To be the Light

To be the light means that the me, I, myself dying, And dying in obedience to God and for the benefit of all. 
A candle if spared or kept or preserved means that that there will be no light and no warmth. The candle must die just as our old self must die and the remains of our old self which cling to us must die (in all our daily acts and thoughts) and turned into life giving strength. Others will see with our light, others will be encouraged, strengthened, will share in our joy and will pull closer to the source of the light(Yeshua) with the light and warmth we carry with us.

To be the light means we must be linked with the source (Yeshua). We cannot be the light without the source. We speak of the sun when we see the objects that are shone upon by the sun (source) for instance. We know it’s sunny because we see the sunlight on the building on the hill. We see the moon because it reflects the light of the sun.

To be light means we shine on the just and the unjust. It is for foe and for friend. He died for all. Are we to be God to “shine”  and give warmth only on whom we choose?
We should be consumed by this light. Not a single are of our lives should remain unaffected by this light. No part should be in darkness or in the cold. Instead light is to scare away all darkness that lurks about waiting to extinguish our light.

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