Friday, August 16, 2013

Absolute Certainties

What are absolutes certainties in life? They are that we are born and that one day we shall die. So if death is inevitable, why do we not prepare for it as we prepare for birth?

The Bible explains that we can have 1 birth (physical) and 2 deaths (physical and spiritual) or we can have 2 births (physical and spiritual) and 1 death (just physical). It is the latter that we should set our eyes on. All humans comprise the physical and the spirit. The physical may be alive but the spiritual, because of our sinful state (we can never measure up to God’s standard of righteousness) is dead. Where would we be upon death of our body and our spirit remaining dead? Like it or not, the Bible tells us, hell.  Even here on earth, our dead spirit separates us from God. We are blinded and cannot see Him. If we say we are fine without God, we are wrong. We are only fine here on earth because some goodness remains on earth. God is still here. We enjoy earth now only because He is in it. Everything good here is because of Him. To be in hell is to be permanently separated from Him, to be permanently separated from all that you think or know is good on this earth (the birds, the trees, human companionship etc). Imagine just darkness and loneliness and being without the One to whom we are created for.

How do we avoid being permanently separated from Him? Answer: To have our names written in the Book of Life. To be recorded in the Book of Life means we are first to have new life. When we follow Yeshua and make Him our Lord, we are given new birth (spiritual). Our body comes alive once and dies once. Our spirit is given new life, new birth- a 2nd chance. Yeshua died to prevent us from hell, to prevent us from being eternally separated from Him, the worse fate we could ever have.

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