Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Living the Law
The law and the prophets (contained in the OT) reveal God’s Will. They reveal God. Yeshua came not to remove or change any part of the law and the prophets. God’s laws remain unchanging. People who reject these laws will be poorly prepared for God’s kingdom.

Because God is good and only God is good (It is a more profound statement than we think it is. All that which man deems as good in a person cannot measure up to God’s good), His laws are good. This means His justice as revealed in the law is good. His justice reveals love. Take any one of the laws, they reveal that we are to love each other. Loving each other displays love for God. Love for God keeps us from harming ourselves and others,  gives us guidelines  to live by and helps us grow.

What of those that keep the law or rather attempt to keep the law down to the letter as the Pharisees did? It is proposed that they must study their motives. Do we do it for rewards, for men’s praise? Out of pride? If yes, then they have kept no law.  These are external acts with no “heart” for God but for self. They have failed. If they do it in obedience, will they not always fail too? Does not history show that men fail time and time again? The Holy Spirit is required. He will push us to abide in Yeshua. When they abide in Yeshua He will abide in them. It is God in us that enables us live out His laws and as we go through the process of being transformed to become like Yeshua, there will be times where we fail. He that abides in us will correct us, will guide us and will remind us to repent, to receive the forgiveness that Yeshua’s death enables us to receive. The Pharisee who seeks to obey but fails, what terrible burden He must carry for the failures that he is aware of? How he must live in constant fear of condemnation?  How he cannot love naturally? He lives with religion, with a set of rules, do-s and  don’ts.  Yeshua lived the law and the prophets – internally and this was reflected in His outwards acts. He loved (His “enemies” ) because He truly loved (He didn’t have to like them!). A follower of Yeshua will seek, will yearn to follow Him. The “following”, will soon be habit and the living out of the law and the prophets will be second nature.

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