Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Be of Poor Spirit

Be of Poor Spirit
  1. God’s justice is a living growing power which develops organically within us. It grows within us and permeates all spheres of our life. So it becomes our nature, natural for us to display this justice. This nature is set out in the Beatitudes. Yeshua himself lived it. There is poverty and neediness, longing, seeking of God. There is thirst for Him. There is also love, peace making but single mindedness (to turn and stay with God). These recognize and live the essential. They see beyond this earth and recognize what is important. They feel the injustice on this earth but know that God will conquer. His kingdom will come and has come. They conquer this injustice through love that flows from them inwardly and spills over. (Hostility and opposition strengthen our urge for dedication to love our opposers).
  2. Man may achieve great heights by his own effort. But God is God. Man cannot achieve God’s heights by Man’s own effort. We fail even in our earthly ventures, Can we achieve God’s?  It is when we recognise that we need Him that we are open to receive Him and then we are able to work towards achieving His set plans for us as per His standard-together with Him, not alone and not with our own effort. Richness in God but poverty in self is the key.
  3. Imagine if more and more become true disciples of Yeshua, living the Beatitudes. There will be no corrupt leaders, no crime, no selfishness, no coveteousness,...true peace will come.
  4. The Beatitudes is not law. It does not require moral effort. It requires for us to start with emptiness, a poverty of spirit crying “Lord we are nothing! Come fill me come help me come take over” This means death of the present life and taking on new life (Life can only be created by God. We cannot do this on our own). Happy are you the poor. Blessed are you who hunger and thirst. I cannot help but acknowledge that God’s ways are so different from ours.  All of the world’s standards of what is good and what is success are so different and have proven time and time again that they do not prepare you for life after death and they do not give fulfilment. It is a contrast of darkness and light. (Why do people always choose darkness? If only they knew what freedom it will be for them to not cling on to the world’s standards, to just let go. Why are people of the light sometimes so complacent and do not put on the entire armour of God or are so careless in seeking His spiritual gifts that they may be fully equipped to deal with the darkness? 
  5. Do not have a divided heart. Set your mind today determined to be Yeshua’s disciple. Sit at your Master’s feet. Do not worry. Do not worry about possessions or people’s take on us.  Live one day at a time. This is a start. Live like children (notice the young ones do not know year month days- they live in wonderment of the little things which we have taken for granted), like little lambs, like the sparrows. Trust God and continue to believe (Not just believe but continue to believe. This is what Yeshua meant “to continue to believe”). Ask God to give us what we need- the Holy Spirit. He will enable us to do.

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