Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thomas A Kempis helps give a shift in paradigm

It is good that sometimes:
A.      We have trouble and crosses;
B.      We are contradicted, men think ill of us even though we intend and do well;
C.      A good man is afflicted, tempted or troubled with evil thoughts;
D.      A good man has sorrows lament and prays by reason of his miseries. 

A.      The man realizes he is here on earth in banishment;
B.      It helps him build his humility;
C.      It helps us seek God to be our chief witness – not others. To seek His opinion only for our inward witness and for credit and praises;
D.      It helps us rest so fully on God that we need not seek comfort in men;
E.       He is able to perceive his great need of God without whom He can do no thing good;
F.       He longs for Christ not this world. He knows security and peace comes from God not from this world.

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