Thursday, December 26, 2013

Embrace our female traits

Embrace our female traits

Who is to say that these values or traits in females are less superior?

A. Females are generally  more religious than men. More probable to turn to God than men. More sensitive to a supernatural being than men. The receptivity and sensitivity to God allows us to be mentors, to shepherd those who come to us for help, to grant comfort, to lead with a heart, to be God's effective stewards.

B. Attention to detail, meticulousness do not mean we are able to do repetitive work only but also intricate work which can include surgical work, reading and drafting of documents and more.

C. Ability to read the non verbal cues enables us to be more people oriented, effective managers, teachers and more. We are able to detect if one is uncomfortable, bored, left out in a social gathering. In a sense we are need oriented.

D. Women tend to value life more. Women tend to want to have laws in place more and to see to the enforcement of laws. Women tend to oppose war more. We are after all life givers.

E.  Women are more intuitive than men who tend to be more rational based in their thinking. Society including women tend to give more value to rational based thinking than intuition. A decision based on intuition is usually thought of as irrational and emotion driven. Yes it is not always right or logical but neither are  logic based decisions. Intuition can help warn us of danger, read and judge people and circumstances.  It is primarily with our emotions and not logic that relates to God. Is faith rational? It's something we just know.

F. Women are web based creative  thinking managers as opposed to men who are linear thinking managers. We are able to unite and interact with all parties from top to bottom being mindful of feelings, capabilities and needs of others, thus able to allocate more suitable tasks to workers. Top down managers are less liked. Also multi tasking has always been a positive trait possessed by women.

God made men and women with different abilities and traits. Both are equally important. Who are we then to make men's abilities and traits as more desirable than women's ( or women's more than men's)? Is this not a form of rebellion? If we women say we do not do this, think again. Do we not think the corporate woman who works round the clock and makes ruthless rational decision as more admirable as the house maker who values her family? Or the manager who is more relational based and "soft" a lesser manager than the woman who manages "like a man"? Embrace our gifts. Change our mindset and culture and not have our current mind set and culture influence us. Teach our friends, our sisters, our daughters, our nieces, our granddaughters, our mothers, our bosses and employees this.

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