Monday, December 2, 2013

More to ponder

More to ponder

As I travel down the old Subang airport, I remember my mum used to work in this old airport as a nurse before KLIA was built. Not in a hospital but an airport clinic. Never really put much thought into it but I guess nurses are required to cater for the number of people going in and out. Must have been exciting times to have had to meet such diverse a crowd with all kinds of people with different needs. I remember complaints. I remember stories. It is the same with us. We have complaints. We have stories and are still making stories. In my pride, I look at mum now and I think what a mundane unprolific life she leads? What has she done for The Lord? What is she doing for The Lord? Surely not as much as me! Her job must have been so simple compared to mine. The pressures she faced less than what we face in this 21st century. True or not, she has a story. What untold stories? We can only guess. She had probably contributed much and much more.We cannot judge. In small inconspicuous ways she is creating stories now daily in her retirement. Fact is she has a story to look back to. At the end of our journey here,we will look back. We will reflect on our stories. How did we live? Are we living each moment PURPOSEFULLY? Things which seem so big to us now may very well  be minor plots in our story. Petty. Small minded. Shallow. Live life purposefully. Sow good seeds. Contribute to the greater good & advancement of our Lord's kingdom. Be content. Study God's word. Life is not all about us, me, myself, what I wear, how I look, how I am perceived, how my feelings are hurt, my stand in life, what's good to eat, what is new? What is popular? ( just one visit to the children's ward or cancer ward will help to shift perspective in life) These change with time.Move beyond the shallow. And do it with simplicity.

(From the testament of the 12 patriarchs - Issachar

4. And now hearken to me, my children, and walk in simplicity of heart, for I have seen in it all that is well-pleasing to the Lord. The simple coveteth not gold, defraudeth not his neighbour, longeth not after manifold dainties, delighteth not in varied apparel, doth not picture to himself to live a long life, but only waiteth for the will of God, and the spirits of error have no power against him. For he cannot allow within his mind a thought of female beauty, that he should not pollute his mind in corruption. No envy can enter into his thoughts, no jealousy melteth away his soul, nor doth he brood over gain with insatiate desire; for he walketh in uprightness of life, and beholdeth all things in simplicity, not admitting in his eyes malice from the error of the world, lest he should see the perversion of any of the commandments of the Lord.

5.Keep therefore the law of God, my children, and get simplicity, and walk in guilelessness, not prying over-curiously into the commands of God and the business of your neighbour; but love the Lord and your neighbour, have compassion on the poor and weak. Bow down your back unto husbandry, and labour in tillage of the ground in all manner of husbandry, offering gifts unto the Lord with thanksgiving; for with the first-fruits of the earth did the Lord bless me, even as He blessed all the saints from Abel even until now. For no other portion is given to thee than of the fatness of the earth, whose fruits are raised by toil; for our father Jacob blessed me with blessings of the earth and of first-fruits. And Levi and Judah were glorified by the Lord among the sons of Jacob; for the Lord made choice of them, and to the one He gave the priesthood, to the other the kingdom. Them therefore obey, and walk in the simplicity of your father; for unto Gad hath it been given to destroy the temptations that are coming upon Israel)

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