Friday, December 27, 2013

What we can do for our kid's confidence?

1. Replace critical view of body or appearance with comments about the body's capabilities - with the magnificent way God made our bodies and how our bodies function.

2. Prepare our kids for failure. This entails letting them fail or risk failure! Encourage them to keep trying in order that they may find something that they are good at and enjoy. Always seek alternatives and not let failure beat them.

3. Kids need to fit in with their friends. This we are to respect but stress importance of time with God and family. Perhaps family time at breakfast or walks or once a week movie together or with dad or just ice cream with mum.

4. Always have positive messages for your kids. This will help them build enough confidence in themselves to deal with the negative when they are out in the big bad world.

5. Never over protect. It undermines the kid's confidence.

6. Simply encouraging listening is insufficient. The child is to read, be informed of the current affairs of the world and be encouraged to discuss and form opinions.

7. Choose what kids are to watch. If they happen to watch advertisements or other shows which glorify the superficial, make constructive criticism. Invite your kid's opinion. Be movie critiques.

8. Invite your kid's friends over often. Get to know them.

9. Expose them to biblical heroes. Point out good traits. Let them admire these heroes.

10. Grow ourselves. Continue to learn. Make more friends. Have a core group that you can trust and share with.

11. Allow your kid to participate in challenging physical activities.

12. Allow your child to participate in activities organized by churches/ schools. Expose them to participating in community work.

13. Choose a skill that they may spend time in building up, that is useful and that they may enjoy.

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