Friday, June 14, 2013

Followers not Admirers

Let us be followers of Yeshua not just admirers. Many are admirers that think they are followers. The true test will be: Will I stay the course if disappointed? Will I dare confess Christ when others laugh at my claiming that I am Christian?

The follower has to follow the Way. What is the Way? The life of Jesus. Following it from start to finish- it is a state of being and not just knowledge. It is different from knowing eg. “X” did 20 years of research and discovered a medicine that lowers cholesterol levels if taken for 3 months. He writes down the formula. “Y” improves that formula and makes a more effective medicine which lowers cholesterol levels immediately. “Y” built from the formula that “X” discovered “Y” did not have to go through the 20 years of research. He built from “X’s” formula. With Christ His life is the Way. He is the Way. We do not “build” from it. We follow it from day one – His state of being man, in His humiliation right to His crucifixion and to His exaltation. He is the Way.

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