Monday, June 17, 2013

True Humility

Begins with self-knowledge

How does one gather self knowledge?

By endeavoring to know God first. Then we shall see that it is He that gave us life, preserves us and gave us grace to seek Him, know Him and pursue humility. Then we shall see that He is great and we need Him in all. Then we will know that we are low and He is high. Then we will know that we are sinners and He is perfection. Then we will know that we are (and we will!) to accept His gifts of forgiveness and all His enablement to do anything. Then we will not dwell in our sins and be wrought in our thoughts of how guilty we are – this is focusing on self. It is false humility. If we see ourselves low and He is great – then yes we will take his enablement (help). We know we cannot do it on our own. Start with knowing Him then we will know what we are and where we stand. Then when we take His help, we know we can do great things because it is He who does it.

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