Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Thoughts

For we are saved by faith.

So Christ in His love for us comes as man but is God-man. He comes as a contradiction (making us decide by faith. He comes as God incognito (How painful perhaps to be something (God) but having to be incognito (as man) ) He came offending. He lowly carpenter man saying He is God. He came with miracles evidencing He is God. Both Offence and miracles drawing attention to Himself and saying “you decide by faith”. Would He have been able to bring forth faith had He been like other pagan gods, directly communicating to us, creating no offence (making nice), directly being recognizable? In our quest for evidence after evidence, doctrine after doctrine to neatly explain Christianity, in our quest to ‘make nice’ Christianity (universally acceptable to all- not creating offence) – we make our Yeshua a pagan idol. No mystery, no offence no in cognition (as He intended) – no need for faith. Can we be saved then? 

He demands faith, He demands that He be the object of faith. This means a relationship with Him. This means staying the course in spite of mystery. Let Him continue to offend and Let there be unexplainables that there may be faith. It remains the same for troubles. Having stayed faithful and yet trouble comes and it is all silent from Him. Mystery of mystery , faith must exist and He must become that object of faith for us to be called just. (For the just shall live by faith). There must arise situations for faith to be exercised, for the just to live by. To live daily, hourly, in every minute and second by faith. 

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