Friday, April 19, 2013

Benefit of Tomato

One medium whole tomato provides 40 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 20 percent of the RDA of vitamin A, 2 percent of the RDS of iron, and 1 percent of the RDA of calcium. 

Lowers their risks of certain cancers, especially lung, stomach and prostate cancers. [Recommended to eat tomatoes with a little fat such as olive oil as it helps the release of lycopene (cancer protective substance)]

Helps to ward off age related disease such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Fends of DNA damage from free radicals.

Contains important nutrients, such as niacin, folate and vitamin B6 , that have been associated with reduction of heart disease risk.

Drinking 8 ounces of tomato juice daily reduces platelet aggregation significantly

Wards off inflammation.TNF- alpha causes inflammation. High levels have been found in individuals with most chronic, degenerative diseas such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzhemier

Tomatoes make  your skin look great, less sensitive to UV light damage

Tomatoes build strong bones. Improves bone mass and fights osteoporosis.

Tomatoes are a very good source of chromium, which helps to regulate blood sugar.

Makes hair strong and shiny

Some studies suggest that kidney and gall stones are less likely to form in people who eat tomatoes without seeds.

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