Monday, April 1, 2013

The Father is still Creating

The Father used the Word to create the world.The Father uses the same agent to save. Creation and salvation are consistent. (John 1 :3) Out of nothing but the spoken Word came life.  From the Word came the creation of the new generated beings.

The perfect beings that God created were tarnished by their.choice. These tarnished beings had to die for the new to be born. Hence through one man came sin - that one man representing all. It was necessary for another man ( representing all man) to die and be born again ( here Yeshua was resurrected ). New man are created.

When He says we shall have eternal lfe, this is not hard to believe because those who are of Christ have the eternal Lord living in them. The "walking dead" who  have not accepted Him remain dead from the time of Adam. There is not the presence of Christ living in them. The presence of the Word shields us from  death's (satan's) hold on us.

God would not be God if He created man out of nothing and then let them be nothing again/perish . He would not be good. He would be a weak limited god. Also death on Adam's transgression was to happen as God would not go back from His commandment and His warning- not to eat the fruit (i.e, if you choose your Will over the Lord's you will "die")

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