Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rice and Bread

Anything made from processed or refined white flour or sugar is digested more quickly and turn to sugar more quickly in the body.

Wheat, rye other grain breads have more fiber and take longer to reach the blood stream

White rice is just brown rice with the outer layers removed. they do that so it will cook faster . That also means it breaks down faster in your body.

Potatoes are very starchy and turn to sugar quickly, but it is a natural sugar and still better for you than the white bread, rice and sugar. Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and actually have less starch.

Anything whole grain is a better choice. Even if the carb count was the same in a white bread and a wheat bread, the wheat bread requires more work form your body to digest it which means it turns to sugar slower, uses calories to efficiently process it and keeps your digestive system regulated.

Try the white wheat or smooth wheat breads and pastas. They are actually pretty good, I have not figured out if they are as good for you as the brown stuff though.

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