Friday, March 22, 2013

Is this emotion right?

Is this emotion right?
It is not all the time that our hearts will blaze at a spiritual high. In our everyday life facing many circumstances, many people, many challenges, this emotional high may not be able to be sustained. How then do we keep walking in the Spirit? One of the ways is to stop and ask ourselves, this emotion that we are feeling – what is the end of it? [Eg. festering a dislike or harbouring ill feelings towards another. Good health to my body? Distraction to what I should be concentrating on? Hate and anger that Yeshua will be displeased about? (He is our suffering Lord and is still suffering by the way, looking at mankind and their ways). Or is it an emotion that will move me to be more compassionate?) If the end result is in line with that of the clear cut instruction of the Lord, clearest instruction being the Bible – then follow it. If not then just stop it and the Lord will lend you support to do it.

Reminders: We are to walk in close relationship with Him that He and us become one, that what we ask will be what He wants.

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