Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Thoughts

  1. How old are you today? Be thankful you have reached this age and are alive, well, with family, with work, with a home, with health, with food, with friends, with five senses. This is God’s grace.
  2. The Sermon on the Mount is not Do Your Duty but Do What is Not your Duty. Do beyond. Do it for Christ. And this can be done only with the Son of God in you. (Oswald Chambers).
  3. To become one with Yeshua one not only must be willing to give up sin but to surrender his whole way of looking at things. If we are truly born again, truly living a resurrected life, we must be willing to let go of our “old’ way of thinking (our perceptions) and grasps new things. His things. Nothing for us to lose but all for us to gain. Just try it.
  4. When we surrender all of ourselves to Him and allow Him to sway our thoughts our actions, we will see not only our sin but how we have elevated ourselves. We will see our pride. (“I deserve this” “It is my right” “How can I be spoken to that way?” We may not say it but we feel it sometimes. We hide behind pretense and deceit, we act clever or we say to ourselves “ I am what I am I cannot change” – what bondage! Is this why our Yes is not Yes and our No is not No. Is this why our thoughts are different from our words and actions? He knows our thoughts. What is our right but the right to be zealous for Him? Begin from no rights. Imagine how the world be if we all were willing to wash each other’s feet. Let our Yes be Yes and No be No. Only God can say I am what I am).
  5. We are all born with certain dispositions. Some have happy go lucky dispositions, some easily falling into melancholy, some domineering, some laid back and so on. But when we are born again (by accepting Christ, accepting that our old self died with Him on the cross, accepting that we now have new life), we are given a new disposition. The disposition of Christ and we cannot do this without the Holy Spirit in us. We may be able to obey the laws, the Torah but with what motives? The Pharisees obeyed the Torah but it was for purposes to be seen to be more spiritual. Perhaps for some of us we serve to keep occupied, we serve to ease our conscience, look spiritual but with this new life, we need not pretend. We need not pretend to be saints, we are saints. By thoughts, by words, by actions. It is the “being” and the “doing” This is our new disposition.

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