Monday, March 25, 2013


1. The words of God cannot be understood without first washing and cleansing our soul. Without a pure mind and modeling life after the saints how can we comprehend their words? So we can take practical steps of denying self and obedience and the understanding will come. "Fear" of the Lord is displayed through such denial and obedience then comes wisdom.

2. With an impure heart how can we understand divine truth? Will the holy spirit dwell in such a person? He will dwell only in the redeemed. Without His dwelling in us can our hearts be pure? (so with true receiving of Christ which results in His life in us we may understand divine truth. We will be christ minded not flesh minded. What a gift?!).

3. And ye shall receive power- Luke 24:49. This power is supernatural. It is the ability to do. It is the ability to feel the reality of Yeshua. He is with me a real person,close to me. Love for God and the children of God takes possession. Heaven becomes real. Earth becomes distant. Holy spirit in us is power!

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