Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To Ponder

I.           In the beginning the world was without form and void and with darkness upon the face of the deep (Genesis 1:2)
Like us before new birth – lost souls – without form void and in darkness

II.                  “the Spirit of God brooded upon the face of the waters”
God’s heart was yearning over the lost soul

III.                Let there be light
At His word light breaks and shines upon the lost soul

God is creator. Remember and ponder the largeness of this. He is constant and works in same consistent patterns. So He is still continuing His creative work today in redemption and regeneration of people – who must having received such mercy walk and live this regenerated life. Not just words but practice it. Day by day in obedience will power come. Power enabling us to mature spiritually until we grow strong and healthy to face Him on Judgment day. Obedience comes with humility.

Yeshua humbled himself by  
1)    emptying Himself as deity. Imagine being there at creation. Having all that knowledge and power but emptying Himself of it to come in this decaying form
2)    dealt with, faced many insults, smart asses who thought themselves smarter, human egos in all calmness and love
3)      faced temptation. Opened Himself to temptation
4)    sought to be baptized so he may identify Himself with the human condition of sin. Set a pattern for us to follow. “Humans are sinful – need to be cleansed. Follow me.”
5)      faced the struggle of flesh and obedience to God at the garden. So strong was His struggle he perspired blood.
6)   Beaten by the very beings He created. Striped naked hanged humiliated. Is this not all humility? (And we say “oh its so hard to be good?” Christ made a way for us to live a regenerated life – we accept – He lives in us – we grow in obedience etc This is lack of faith not humility on our part. Don’t deceive ourselves. We will not be sinless but we will seek to be. So it is not “hard” “I cant do this”  “This is my nature” “I” “I”. Lots of “I”s. Look to Him. Drop the “I”) The world would be a better place if we all washed each other’s feet.

Part II – Instruments not Servants
You spoke the truth and God honored it, but you were never of the truth. Some are just instruments but not servants.
See Matthew 7:23

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